no offense your honor but do you even lift


i followed my heart and it led me into the fridge


mass effect 4 should just be the crew’s life but “normal”
priority: go grocery shopping with kaidan

please dont
hawke to the entire public of kirkwall (via connorsbod)
dragon age: nations [2/?] ORLAIS
Orlais is a country in south-west Thedas known for its culture of extravagant nobility and as the birthplace of the Chantry. Ambitious and wealthy, Orlais is the most powerful nation in Thedas.The Orlesian capital, Val Royeaux, is home to the Chantry’s Grand Cathedral, the center of Andrastian religion’s power. Over multiple Blights, the Orlesians have used the Chantry to expand their influence beyond the nation’s impressive borders, notably to the north into Tevinter territory and southeast through Ferelden. Orlais has a large noble class famed for its excess, and in particular, the fashionable use of cosmetics and elaborate masks. Their clothing too tends to be complicated and colorful.


skyrim + beasts and creatures

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